Mark Trayle works in a variety of media including live electronic music, installations, improvisation, and compositions for chamber ensembles. Performances and exhibitions include Ars Electronica, t-u-b-e (Munich), DEAF (Rotterdam), Resistance Fluctuations (LA), net_condition (ZKM Karlsruhe), Sea and Spacce (LA), Pro Musica Nova, Format5 (Berlin), Inventionen (Berlin), and Resonant Forms (LA). His music has been performed by Champs D’Action, Ensemble Zwischentoene, Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, and Ensemble Mosaik. Recent collaborators include Muhal Richard Abrams, David Behrman, Jason Kahn, Christian Kesten, Toshimaru Nakamura, Andrea Neumann & Sabine Ercklentz, Wadada Leo Smith, and The Hub.

“Few musicians go to Mark Trayle’s level of musical and technological extremes.”
– Electronic Musician

“…Trayle is nothing if not a savvy manipulator of varied art and electronic media who has aligned himself with similarly inclined individuals misappropriating fundamental values of sound art for their own unique and provocative ends. A free radical”

– Darren Bergstein / Squid’s Ear

“The pleasure in listening to this type of music is the pure articulation of textured sound that flits into existence and furrows into your ears. This recording delivers an austere bounty of such sound forms, placed elegantly in a remarkable blend of two focused artistic imaginations.”

– Musicworks (Chris Kennedy’s review of the Nakamura/Trayle disc)

“My own perceptions shifted substantially from listen to listen, always picking up different relationships, different senses of structure-this is a good thing! A tough, bracing piece, I like it.”

– Just Outside (Brian Olewnick’s review of the Kesten/Trayle disc

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